Foiling Fast Ferry

Joint Press Release

“A Washington State team working to accelerate ferry technology through a joint innovation project approach has been selected for funding that was announced this week by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Transit Administration. Kitsap Transit received word that they are one of 25 transits authorities nationwide that will receive a share of approximately $14 million in funding through the Accelerating Innovative Mobility initiative. The public-private partnership team is being led by Washington Maritime Blue to advance the innovative fast foil ferry design and the business case for sustainable operations.

The FTA will provide $372,910 in funding as part of the Accelerating Innovative Mobility initiative. The project advances work led by Washington Maritime Blue, in which regional companies, public agencies, and nonprofits are developing state-of -the-art technology to support this region as a center of maritime excellence. Cash contributions of $100,000 were committed by the Ports of Bellingham, Skagit County, and Anacortes. An additional $139,000 of in-kind contributions are committed by key project partners.”

Ultra-Efficient Transportation
Bieker Boats and Glosten have joined forces to bring modern composite hydrofoil technology to the passenger vessel community. The result is an ultra-efficient and low wake vessel requiring less than half the installed power of a typical passenger catamaran. We achieved this by combining proven hydrofoil technology developed in the America’s Cup, lightweight carbon fiber hull construction and modern geared propulsion equipment. Convenient adaptation to an all-electric approach can lower the cost of operation even further.



Principal Characteristics

  • LENGTH                                  27.5 m (90.2 ft)
  • BEAM                                      7.6 m (24.9 ft)
  • NON-FOILING DRAFT           3.7 m (12.1 ft)
  • FOILING DRAFT                     1.5m (4.9′)
  • LIGHTSHIP MASS                  46,800 kg (102,960 lbs)
  • MAX PAYLOAD                       13,890 kg (30,560 lbs)
  • COMPLEMENT                       150 PASSENGERS
  • BATTERY CAPACITY                770V, 1500 kWh
  • PROPULSION                          2 x 500 kW POD DRIVES
  • MAX SPEED                             35 kts
  • OPERATING SPEED                30 kts