Foiling Fast Ferry


Ultra-Efficient Transportation
Bieker Boats and Glosten have joined forces to bring modern composite hydrofoil technology to the passenger vessel community. The result is an ultra-efficient and low wake vessel requiring less than half the installed power of a typical passenger catamaran. We achieved this by combining proven hydrofoil technology developed in the America’s Cup, lightweight carbon fiber hull construction and modern geared propulsion equipment. Convenient adaptation to an all-electric approach can lower the cost of operation even further.




Principal Characteristics

  • LENGTH                               30.26m (99.3′)
  • BEAM                                   6.77m (22.2′)
  • TAKE-OFF SPEED                20 kts
  • CRUISE SPEED                    35 kts
  • NON-FOILING DRAFT        3.3m (10.8′)
  • FOILING DRAFT                  1.6m (5.2′)
  • POWER                                2X 515 kW (690 hp)
  • RANGE                                 215 nm @ 35 kts
  • PASSENGERS                      150 + crew