I received a Bachelor’s degree with High Honors from the University of California at Berkeley. In addition, I have a license to practice Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering in the state of Washington. My formal professional training since graduating from university has been in the field of commercial Naval Architecture and it has been quite varied. In addition to this work, I have been designing yachts and designing and building successful composite racing skiffs.

I feel that our strength in Naval Architecture and engineering is that we are generalists rather than specialists. Since design is basically about making tradeoffs between characteristics to achieve a yacht that works as a cohesive whole in her intended environment, being a generalist allows these tradeoffs to be made efficiently with a greater sense of balance. Services which we can provide are:

  • Concept design
  • Lines fairing, weight and stability calculations
  • VPP (performance prediction)
  • Hydrodynamic design of the appendages
  • Rig and Sailplan Design
  • Structural design (concepts, hand calculations, computer calculations)

When a project requires more detailed analysis than we can provide in-house, we have ready access to specialists in each of these fields through our associations in the America’s Cup world.