I received a Bachelor’s degree with High Honors from the University of California at Berkeley. In addition, I have a license to practice Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering in the state of Washington. My formal professional training since graduating from university has been in the field of commercial Naval Architecture and it has been quite varied. In addition to this work, I have been designing yachts and designing and building successful composite racing skiffs.


In addition to original design work, Bieker Boats contributes to a wide variety of projects on a task-by-task basis. Some recent jobs include:

  • AC 45 Support
  • Wild Oats XI New Daggerboards and Centerboard
  • USA 76 Passenger Conversion
  • Factory Trawler Plate Freezer Installation
  • 20ft River Jet Boat Lofting


Paul and I share the same philosophy regarding design for efficient and high quality production: The designer should be intimately involved in the construction process, and any time spent in design that can make the builder’s job easier adds value. We both spent a part of our careers computer lofting metal structures for the commercial ship building industry in the Northwestern United States. In this environment you learn how efficiently a ship can be built if the structure is designed and lofted for production and the lofting is accurate.