Riptide 41

We like to think of the Riptide 41 as a high performance gentleman’s racer. It is designed to be sailed efficiently with a crew of between 6 and 8 rather than the 10-12 persons commonly found on a racing boat of this size, and it has comfortable accommodations for everyone on the boat. With its ultralight weight carbon construction, large rig and water ballast it is fast upwind and down over the full range of sailing conditions. The Riptide 41 is currently under construction at Jim Betts’ in Anacortes, WA, right along side the Riptide 35 Mk II.

There is a nice little article on the Riptide 41 in Northwest Yachting here: Blue Passing Through




Principle Characteristics
LOA: 12.5 m
LWL: 12.1 m
Beam Overall: 4 m
Beam at DWL: 3.06 m
Draft: 3.05 m
Displ., (lightship): 3937 kg
Fixed Ballast: 1907 kg
Water Ballast (per side): 850 kg
Mast Height above DWL: 20.53 m
Mainsail Area: 70 sq m
Jib Area: 51 sq m
Displ/length ratio: 63

Ispin 19.12m Ijib 17.41 m
Jspin 7.46 m J 5.18 m
P 17.54 m E 6.34 m
HBI 1.34 m BAD 1.59 m

Engine Volvo D1-30 w/ Saildrive