A client came to us wanting our take on the popular MicroCruiser beach-able sailboat category. This 18-footer will be built of 6mm Okoume ply/epoxy, with a 100kg weighted centerboard, and 100 Liters of water ballast capacity on each side. The cat-ketch rig carries 215 sq ft on the tapered carbon main and mizzen masts, with the option for a 215 sq ft downwind sail on a removable carbon sprit. The VPP indicates we will see over 5 knots upwind and will be capable of sustained speeds greater than 10 knots downwind. Auxilliary power is a 2.5 hp outboard in a cockpit well or 12-foot sweeps for those with R2AK ambitions. The design has positive stability out to 100 degrees with a person in the cockpit, and includes water-tight flotation compartments under the cockpit and in 3  zones forward.


LOA5.49 m (18.0’)
LWL4.94 m (16.2’)
Beam2.13 m (7.0’)
Displacement, Lightship475 kg (1045#)
Power2.5 hp outboard, 12 foot sweeps
Construction6mm Okoume plywood / West System