The hull is a comparatively high volume displacement shape, with a rocker profile for easy low ride handling and un-sticky takeoff characteristics.

The platform concept minimises aerodynamic drag and heeling moment, with minimal tramp area. Stiff single piece wing beams located in rebated deck sockets maximise effective beam when heeled to windward through a curved, high angled shape.

The boat has been designed with a deck-sweeping rig in mind. Building on recent trends in the class, the layout allows for a long deck/sail seal. A concealed control system and control line configuration makes for a clean deck layout. For backward compatibility the boat has also been designed to use a conventional full-height rig.

The foils have been engineered to be as stiff and long as modern materials and production processes allow. The boat can fly higher out of the water, and has a larger vertical range to deal with both deceleration during foiling tacks and larger waves downwind. With 3D printed titanium components, the foil section thicknesses have been reduced for minimum drag at sailing altitude. Our horizontals are aggressively high aspect with low wetted area.

The Bieker Moth is built in New Zealand by Mackay Boats.