This is a plywood power cat for a client in Florida who wanted to build his own boat. He was keen to take advantage of Bieker Boats’ foil design experience to get better fuel economy and performance, and also wanted a boat that was distinctively styled.

We started with our little commuter cat hulls as a template since it has performed so well, and added features suitable to warm weather boating in Florida, like a larger deck, minimal cuddy cabin, forward seating and a permanent hard top for shade and paddle board stowage.

The flip-up main foils combined with the “moustache” foils mounted to the motor drive legs should reduce displacement 40% or so giving faster cruising speed and better stability in a seaway.  The main foils are manually adjustable for trim over ±2 degrees.


Overall Length (hull):9.0 m (29.5’)
Waterline Length:8.7 m (28.5’)
Beam Over All:2.90 m (9.5’)
Beam at DWL:2.80 m (9.0’)
Hull Thinness Ratio:10.3
Wet Deck Clearance (fwd):0.7 m (2.3′)
Draft (Hull):0.28 m (0.92’)
Displacement, Lightship:1,300 kg (2,866#)
Displacement to DWL:1,950 kg (4,300#)
Max Payload:870 kg (1,918#)
Fuel Capacity:220 L (58 gal)
Engine:Twin Suzuki DF60A O.B.
Cruising Speed (Non-Foiling):20 kts @ 4,200 rpm
Fuel Consumption:12 L/hr (3.1 gal/hr)
Range at Cruising Speed:320 nm


Construction Details

Primarily 6 and 9mm Okoume BS1088 plywood with West System Epoxy sheathed with E-glass.  The wet deck and hard top are 20mm thick PVC cored carbon composite. Structural reinforcing details in carbon composite.