The PT (Port Townsend) Skiff is a 5.6m [18’-6”] fuel-efficient utility/camping boat we designed for Russell Brown. The design features a 20hp outboard, 140 liter water ballast tank, fine sections forward and a center console. Top speed is 23 knots with just the driver, and 17 knots with four people aboard. The ride is dry and comfortable in heavy chop. Fuel consumption is under 1 gal/hr. Meets USCG capacity and flooded stability requirements. Production kits are not available at this time, but ambitious individuals who want to build the boat can contact Bieker Boats for guidance getting parts cut and obtaining construction documents.



LOA5.6 m (18.5’)
Beam1.88 m (6.2’)
Draft at Max Load0.38 m (15”)
Launch Weight256kg (564#)
Displacement, Full Load627kg (1,379#)
Water Ballast142 liters (320#)
Engine20 HP 4-stroke O.B.
Max Speed, 1/2 Load23 kts
Max Speed, Full Load15 kts
Capacity6 persons or 800 lbs.