A concept for a retiring sailor who wanted a very fuel-efficient power boat and felt no need to travel faster than he did when sailing. At a hull speed of 10 knots, this round-bilged, narrow hull would be very efficient and sea-kindly, needing only a 53 hp (40 kW) diesel to keep it burbling along. A large, slow moving controllable pitch propeller allows the power plant to be fine tuned to conditions, getting the most out of the small engine. Paravanes on outriggers provide roll-damping underway and at anchor.


Overall Length (Hull)9.50 m [31.15’]
Waterline Length9.00 m [29.5’]
Beam Over All (Hull)2.89 m [9.49’]
Draft2.47 m [8.10’]
Displacement, Lightship1,192 kg [2622#]
Fixed Ballast582 kg [1280#]
Mast Height Abv Water14.80 m [48.5’]
Mainsail Area40.52 sq m [436 sq ft]
Jib Area (100% fore-triangle)26.67 sq m [287 sq ft]
Aprox. Spinnaker Area~110 sq m [1184 sq ft]
I11.72 m [38.43’]
J4.06 [13.30’]
P12.68 m [41.58’]
E4.62 m [15.16’]
ISP13.85 m [45.41’]
JSP6.17 m [20.22’]
PropulsionRetracting Torqueedo electric saildrive