40ft Long Range Cruiser

A concept for a retiring sailor who wanted a very fuel-efficient power boat and felt no need to travel faster than he did when sailing. At a hull speed of 10 knots, this round-bilged, narrow hull would be very efficient and sea-kindly, needing only a 53 hp (40 kW) diesel to keep it burbling along. A large, slow moving controllable pitch propeller allows the power plant to be fine tuned to conditions, getting the most out of the small engine. Paravanes on outriggers provide roll-damping underway and at anchor.


Overall Length (Hull): 12.2 m (40′)
Waterline Length: 11.9 m (39′)
Beam Over All: 3.05 m (10′)
Beam at DLWL: 2.9 m (9.5′)
Draft: 0.88 m (2.9′)
Displacement, Lightship: 2,570 kg (5,666#)
Displacement to DLWL: 5,030 kg (11,089#)
Water Ballast: 620 kg (1,366#)
Engine: 39.6 kW (53 mhp) Non-Turbo Diesel
Reduction Gear: 3.03:1
Propeller: 738 mm DIA. (29″) Controllable Pitch
Cruising Speed: 10 kn
Fuel Consumption: 3.3 L/hr(0.9 gal/hr)
Fuel: 400 liter (105 gal)
Range at Cruising Speed: 1,000 nm
Fresh Water: 350 liter (92 gal)
Sewage: 175 liter (46 gal)