Strum was built as an evolution of the concept behind the Riptide 35 and 44. She is a high performance long course racing boat with comfortable cruising accommodations. Her light displacement and water ballast make her capable of 24 hour runs in excess of 350 NM and cruising speeds under power of 10+ kts. Water ballast, non-overlapping jibs and asymmetrical spinnakers enable her to be sailed at a high percentages of her maximum performance with a minimum number of crew.


Construction Details
Built by Franklin Yachts in Christchurch NZ.

All laminates are vacuum bagged epoxy wet laminate. Cores are cross-linked PVC.

Hull and deck have e-glass/carbon outside skins for additional impact resistance and carbon inside skins for minimum weight. Kevlar is introduced into the hull forward to increase damage tolerance.

All interior panels are built from lightweight composite panels cut out to accurate computer patterns for minimum weight and minimum waste.

The spars were built by Matrix Masts (now Hall Spars) in New Zealand. Standing rigging is Navtec PBO. The keel is fabricated steel and lifts in a trunk.


LOA: 15.42 m (50.6’)
LWL: 14.03 m (46.0’)
Beam: 4.24 m (13.9’)
Draft, keel down: 3.66 m (12.0’)
Draft, keel up: 2.22 m (7.3’)
Displ, racing trim: 5702 kg (12,540#)
Fixed Ballast: 2621 kg (5766#)
Water Ballast (per side): 1300 kg fwd, 325 kg aft
2860# fwd, 715# aft
Displ/length ratio: 58
Mast Height above DWL: 22.1 m (72.5’)
Jib Area: 55 sqm (592 sq ft)
Main Area: 84 sqm (908 sq ft)
Spin area (approx): 200 sqm (2150 sq ft)

Fuel: 190 ltr (50 gal)
Fresh water: 360 ltr (95 gal)
Sewage: 170 ltr (45 gal)
Batteries: 200 AH @ 12V