The Bieker 765 was designed for Phil Jameson, a professional foredeck hand whom I met through my America’s Cup work. Phil wanted to build the boat himself and sail it under the NZ Sportboat rule. I designed the boat with plenty of ballast to avoid turtling in the capsizes that are inevitable with these sorts of boats. With her undistorted hull shape, big rudder, four trapezes, and moderate form stability she is easy to sail and fast.


Construction Details

The Bieker 765 was built by Phil Jameson in Auckland, NZ.

The hull was built of strip planked red cedar with carbon/epoxy skins.

The deck and cockpit were built on simple molds with carbon skins on foam core.

All interior structure is built from lightweight composite panels cut out to accurate computer patterns for minimum weight and minimum waste.

Foils were built in carbon/epoxy/foam in CNC machined female molds.

The carbon spar and boom were built by Alex Vallings (C-tech, NZ). Standing rigging is discontinuous rod. Carbon rack tubing was produced by Killwell in NZ.


LOA9.50 m [31.15’]
LWL9.00 m [29.5’]
Beam (hull)2.89 m [9.49’]
Beam (racks)2.47 m [8.10’]
Draft1,192 kg [2622#]
Displ582 kg [1280#]
Fixed Ballast14.80 m [48.5’]
Displ/length ratio40.52 sq m [436 sq ft]
Mast Height above DWL26.67 sq m [287 sq ft]
Jib Area~110 sq m [1184 sq ft]
Main Area11.72 m [38.43’]
Spin Area4.06 [13.30’]


I = 9.3 m
J = 2.9 m
P = 10.7 m
E = 3.9 m
Isp = 11.4 m
Jsp = 5.85 m