B1 Cherub

The B1 Cherub (Bieker’s first Cherub) was designed for David Chisholm of Integra Composites in the UK. The company name for the skiff is the GT60. The goal was to a produce a design which would fit within the UK Cherub class rule but have the potential to have appeal outside that class. I used what I have learned from my exposure to the 12 foot skiffs and the R Class skiffs, as well as my knowledge from the 14’s to design this boat. The narrow, low drag shape of this hull make it a natural performer, especially upwind. A crew sailing this skiff won the UK Cherub Nationals with 12 straight wins.




Construction Details
The GT 60 design was commissioned by David Chisholm and built by Carbonology in the UK. The hull and deck were built in carbon skins on a foam core. The spars and racks are carbon composite.

LOA: 4.20 m
LWL: 3.85 m
Beam (hull): 1.11 m
Beam (racks): 1.80 m
Displ: 60 kg
Mast Height above DWL: 6.91 m

I = 4.89 m
J = 1.88 m
P = 5.97 m
E = 2.24 m
Isp = 6.89 m
Jsp = 3.92 m