Eagle Class 53

The Eagle Class 53 is a high performance catamaran primarily designed for day trips and casual over-nighters in warmer climates.  It is built with the highest quality pre-preg carbon composite construction. The Eagle uses a hybrid wing sail combination that balances the advantages of a wing with the practicality of a soft sail. The boat is launching with C-foils and adjustable angle of attack T-foil rudders but it has been engineered to be capable of sailing in a fully foiling configuration. Built by FFC in Bristol RI.


Principal Characteristics
LOA (hull): 16.5 m
LWL (heeled): 16.1 m
Beam CL  to CL: 7.3 m
Beam Overall: 8.5 m
Draft, Min: 0.4 m
Draft, C-Foil Down: 3.2 m
Draft, T-Foil Down: 3.2 m
Bridgedeck Clearance: 1.0 m upright
Displacement (lightship): 6,000kg
Mast Hght above DWL: 27 m
Fixed Ballast: 4310 kg (9480#)
Hybrid Main Area 120 sqm
Jib Area: 54 sqm
Screacher Area: 138 sqm
Headroom (hulls): 2.0 m

I = 23.6 m
J = 5.8 m
P = 23.5 m
E = 4.3 m

Potable Water: 2 X 125 L
Sewage: 2 X 83 L
Propulsion: 2 X Yanmar 3YM30
Diesel Fuel: 2 X 150 L
House Battery (Li-FE): 8 X 73 AH 24VDC

Construction Details
Composite construction of epoxy resin pre-preg carbon; vacuum bagged and oven cured
Core-cell foam & honey comb core
All carbon spars
High modulus rotating carbon fiber Hybrid Wing
Carbon shrouds
Pre-preg carbon daggerboard C Foils
Pre-preg carbon T rudder