Designing the Mark II version of the Riptide 35 has been a fun process. Originally designed in 1996 as a true racer/cruiser, the Riptide 35 was our first high-performance water-ballasted design. Two of the boats were built (Ripple and Terremoto!) both of which have been successful in Pacific Northwest racing as well as in Hawaii races, where they sail boat for boat with ultralight 50-footers.

The new 35 incorporates many refinements such as:

  • Lighter weight structure
  • More powerful hull shape
  • Easier to operate water ballast system
  • Simplified rig
  • An improved interior arrangement
  • Retractable drive unit

The Riptide 35 MK II is being designed for clients in the Pacific Northwest, and is under construction at James Betts Enterprises, Inc in Anacortes, WA.



Fairbody Length:9.50 m [31.15’]
Waterline Length:9.00 m [29.5’]
Beam Overall:2.89 m [9.49’]
Beam at DWL:2.47 m [8.10’]
Draft:1,192 kg [2622#]
Displacement, lightship:582 kg [1280#]
Fixed Ballast:14.80 m [48.5’]
Water Ballast (per side):40.52 sq m [436 sq ft]
Mast Height above water:26.67 sq m [287 sq ft]
Mainsail Area:~110 sq m [1184 sq ft]
Jib Area:11.72 m [38.43’]
Aprox Spinnaker Area:4.06 [13.30’]
Displacement/Length Ratio:12.68 m [41.58’]


I = 13.89m (45.6’)
J = 4.46m (14.6’)
P = 14.22m (46.6’)
E = 5.35m (17.6’)
Isp = 15.49m (50.8’)
Jsp = 7.29m (23.9’)