Although the Riptide 25 will have sportboat performance we do not think of it as a sportboat. It has enough stability and interior space to be comfortable on longer races and extended cruising. Water ballast means that the boat can be sailed effectively when short-handed.



Overall Length7.68 m
Waterline Length7.19 m
Beam Overall2.56 m
Beam at DWL1.86 m
Draft2.1 m
Displacement, lightship1,153 kg
Fixed Ballast472 kg
Water Ballast (per side)309 kg per side
Mast Height above water12.2 m
Mainsail Area26 sq m
Jib Area15 sq m
Aprox Spinnaker Area76 sq m
Displacement/Length Ratio88
Propulsion8hp Outboard in well


I = 17.41 m
J = 5.18 m
P = 10.16 m
E = 6.34 m
BAD = 1.11 m
HBI = 1.01 m
Isp = 11.11 m
Jsp = 4.85 m
Mast Tube Length = 12.12 m
RM 20° = 1150 kgm
RM Max = 1300 kgm