Trailerable, high performance to cost ratio, home build-able and fun for the family to race and maybe spend 10 days cruising on. The combination of high stability, light weight and large sail area gives the Shilshole 27 excellent all-around performance on a windward-leeward race course.

The lifting keel and rudder make shallow anchorages accessible, and with the easily lowered deck stepped carbon mast, trailering is convenient. A combination pop-top/sliding hatch gives standing headroom while at anchor. The canting bowsprit promises downwind performance and folds away for trailering.

Construction is stitch-and-glue style, with plywood parts highly detailed and marked for easy assembly. Plans will be offered for home construction along with the NC cut plywood parts. Key components such as the foils, keel trunk and pop top are lightweight high quality composite construction and will be sold as finished parts. The goal is to keep costs for a home-built version around $50,000.

The prototype Shilshole 27 is launched!


Overall Length8.26m [27′] (W/OUT POLE)
Waterline Length7.92m [26′]
Beam Over All2.44m [7.5′]
Beam at DLWL1.95m [6.4′]
Draft, Keel Down2.09m [6.9′]
Draft, Keel Up0.7m [2.3′]
Displacement, Lightship1,453kg [3,203#]
Displacement to DLWL1,917kg [4,226#]
Fixed Ballast631kg [1,390#]
Mainsail Area25m^2 [270ft^2]
Jib Area (100%)16.9m^2 [182ft^2]
Aprox. Spinnaker Area65m^2 [700ft^2]
I9.58m [31.42′]
J3.23m [10.6′]
P9.74m [32′]
E4m [13.1′]
Isp10.7m [35.1’]
Jsp5.12m [16.8′]
Disp/Length Ratio81
Engine5hp OB IN WELL
Fuel23 liter [6 gal]
Fresh Water55 liter [14.5 gal]
Sewage25 liter [6.6 gal]