The Riptide 30 is the newest member in our family of Riptide designs. Key features of the Riptide concept are:

  • An easy to handle and simple gravity driven water ballast system that allows the boat to be super light downwind and in light air yet powerful upwind and reaching with a small crew.
  • A powerful hull shape with round enough sections to keep the wetted surface low – allowing the boat to be fast in light air or breeze.
  • Carefully designed carbon composite structures for light weight, strength and stiffness.
  • A powerful yet moderately sized rig.
  • A lightweight and comfortable interior suitable for long distance offshore racing as well as extended cruising (we still believe it is possible to design boats that can do both well).

In addition, the Riptide 30 has an evolution of our successful retracting inboard propulsion system as well as twin prepreg carbon rudders.