The CodeX for Code7 Marine has been a fun project and Code7 Marine has been a great client – they have the creative mindset to push us towards highly innovative design solutions and aesthetics. In addition, Code7 Marine has the boatbuilding talent and attention to detail necessary to properyy execute the design vision. The boats primary internal structures, house and cockpit are all high temperature cured carbon composites with honeycomb core where appropriate for maximum strength and minimum weight. All appendages are constructed of high temperature cured carbon composites as well.

At under 1200kg lightship weight the CodeX straddles the line between sport boat and coastal racer. She has the sail area to excel in light air and side foils to give her the righting moment necessary to perform in breeze. We are excited to see the Codex on the water during the Summer of 2021.


Overall Length (Hull)9.50 m [31.15’]
Waterline Length9.00 m [29.5’]
Beam Over All (Hull)2.89 m [9.49’]
Draft2.47 m [8.10’]
Displacement, Lightship1,192 kg [2622#]
Fixed Ballast582 kg [1280#]
Mast Height Abv Water14.80 m [48.5’]
Mainsail Area40.52 sq m [436 sq ft]
Jib Area (100% fore-triangle)26.67 sq m [287 sq ft]
Aprox. Spinnaker Area~110 sq m [1184 sq ft]
I11.72 m [38.43’]
J4.06 [13.30’]
P12.68 m [41.58’]
E4.62 m [15.16’]
ISP13.85 m [45.41’]
JSP6.17 m [20.22’]
PropulsionRetracting Torqueedo electric saildrive