The Trinado was a design collaboration between Russell Brown and myself. It was designed for Donald Young and built by Russell in Port Townsend, Washington. The original concept was for a small trimaran which would use Tornado hulls as its floats. The Tornado floats ended up being a little shorter on righting moment than ideal, and Donald had Nigel Irens design a new set of floats which Russell built. It is an ideal daysailor for 1-3 persons and a great camp cruiser for 2. It has kick up daggerboard and rudders for safety and convenience.


Construction Details
The Trinado is an interesting mix of lightweight wood/epoxy construction and composites. The main hull below the chine and the house are strip planked red cedar with e-glass/epoxy skins. The sides and foredeck of the main hull are Okoume ply. The floats are thin carbon skins on a foam core. The mast, boom, and cross arms are pre-preg carbon/epoxy. The bright finished wooden interior of the main hull gives it a warm feeling that makes it a pleasure to spend time in.



LOA: 7.57m (24.8’)
LWL: 7.24m (23.8’)
Beam: 5.18m (17.0’)
Displ, racing trim: 395 kg (870#)
Mast Height above DWL: 11.18 m (36.7’)
Upwind Sail Area: 43.7 sqm (470 sq ft)

I = 8.31 m (27.25’)
J = 2.39 m (7.83’)
P = 9.75 m (32.0’)
E = 3.30 m (10.8’)
Isp = 9.50 m (31.1’)
Jsp = 3.96 m (13.0’)