24 Foot Single Outrigger Power Boat

This plywood outrigger power boat is being built in Martha’s Vineyard.

We started with the 20 foot power proa as a template,  and modified it for a slightly bigger motor and simpler structure using less carbon reinforcement.

This boat has a fuller bow and the outrigger depth and trim were tweaked based on experience with he 20-footer.





  • Overall Length (hull): 7.76 m (25.5’)
  • Beam Over All: 3.30 m (10.8’)
  • Draft at Max Load: 0.49 m (19.4″)
  • Launch Weight: 256 kg (564#)
  • Fuel Capacity: 28 L (6 gal) Portable Tank
  • Engine: 25 HP 4-Stroke O.B.
  • Max Speed, 1/2 Load: 25 kts
  • Cruising Speed: 15 kts

Construction Details

Primarily 6 and 9mm Okoume BS1088 plywood with West System Epoxy sheathed with E-glass.  Beams are laminated fir wrapped with E-glass.