We just received a nice note from TJ Durnham, the current owner of Rocket Science.  Rocket science is the first keel boat that I designed (back in 1998).  She is a long, lean and lightweight performance cruiser with hard chines and twin rudders.  After 16 years she still looks cutting edge.

Rocket Science is in the midst of a trip from the West Coast of the US to Europe.  Here is an excerpt from TJ’s latest note:

Hi Paul, we haven’t been in touch for a while. Here’s a shot of Rocket Science anchored off of Yansaladup island in the San Blas last month. I thought you might like to see what she’s up to.

 We LOVE this boat! We sailed direct from the San Blas to Bimini in just over 6 days. That’s about 1350 miles through the water, averaging


220 miles a day, just the two of us with the working sails- boat on autopilot the whole time, rarely paying much attention to sail trim, just relaxing and reaching at 10 knots in about 12TWS most of the time.


Just awesome.


  We’ve got the boat in Charleston now, and we will spend this year on the East Coast, heading for Norway next summer. We’ll keep in touch from time to time. I hope your AC prep is coming along ok.