We designed Helter Skelter in 2003 to the New Zealand sportboat rule for yachtsman Phil Jameson.  Phil built the boat to a high standard using vacuum bagged carbon/epoxy laminates.  Helter Skelter has pretty much been the boat to beat in the New Zealand sportboat class ever since.  With her easy lines and well balanced rig/appendage package the 765 is fun, quick and easy to handle over a broad range of conditions.  She recently won the sportboat division at the Bay of Islands race week.
The link to Helter on our website is here: Bieker 765.
We have designed a new sportboat for Phil and he needs to sell Helter in order to finance the final stage of the new boats build. A link to that boat is here: Jameson 650
Enquiries about the boat can be addressed to Phil at this address: Phil Jameson