Introducing the B53 high-performance cruising cat, just beginning construction at Gold Coast Yachts in the US Virgin Islands for a veteran Seattle sailing couple. More details to follow in coming days.

Overall Length 16.33 m
Waterline Length (heeled) 16.17 m
Beam Overall 8.0 m
Draft 3.0 m max, 0.4 m min
Bridgedeck Clearance 0.96 m upright, 0.78 m heeled
Displacement (light ship) 6,162 kg
Mast Height abv Water 23.0 m
Mast Length 20.6 m
Boom Length 7.4 m
Mainsail Area 106 sqm
Solent Area 46 sqm
Assym Spin Area 197 sqm
Code 0 Area 105 sqm
Max Righting Moment 20.5 mt
Propulsion (2) Yanmar 3YM30-SD20
Diesel Fuel 150 L per side
Potable Water 250 L per side
Sewage 80 L per side